Pharmaceutical Services

Pharma Services services

Analytical Services

We offer advanced analytical testing services for a wide range of pharmaceutical drug product types including the following services:

  • Pharmaceutical Product Quality Control & Batch Release Testing
  • Method Development & Validation
  • Stability Testing and Monitoring
  • Elemental Analyses
  • Residual Solvent Testing
  • Pharmaceutical Impurity Testing
  • In-vitro Drug Release & Comparative Dissolution Profile Testing
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Pharmaceutical Product Quality Control & Batch Release Testing

Saudi Ajal provides pharmaceutical product release testing services that provide fast, timely and accurate analyses.

We are experienced in testing all types of pharmaceutical products, including solid dosage forms (tablets, capsules), liquid and semi-solid products, as well as aerosol and transdermal products.


Our Analytical Services include and not limited for :

  • Raw Material & Finished-Product Release Testing
  • Content of impurities and limit tests for impurities
  • Assay for the pharmaceutical active component
  • Assay for Related substances
  • Physical Testing
  • Dissolution Testing.

Method Development & Validation Services

We offer advanced analytical testing services for a wide range of pharmaceutical drug product types including the following services:

Analytical method development and validation is critical to achieving the reliable analytical data you need to support your pharmaceutical development activities. Method development and validation can be costly and labor intensive. Considerable knowledge, and experience coupled with advanced instrumentation, is critical to develop efficient, accurate, reliable and robust analytical methods.

Saudi Ajal laboratories are equipped with sophisticated analytical technologies including chromatography, mass spectrometry, and spectroscopy.

By working with Saudi Ajal you gain an experienced partner with a good working knowledge of method validation and development requirements. To ensure methods meet regulatory requirements we follow relevant ICH guidelines such as ICH Q2 (R1) or compendia guidance in combination with client-specific protocols

Tests include for all analytical technologies (LC, LC MS-MS, GC FID, GC MS-MS, ICP-MS, Titration, and UV)

Our pharmaceutical stability storage solutions

We can store commercial product either under controlled room temperature conditions or within a 30°C/65% RH, and 40°C/75% RH chambers.

With chambers monitored and alarmed 24 hours a day, we can provide you with a high quality stability service


Available stability services include:


  • Protocol writing.
  • Long-term stability.
  • Drug-substance stability testing.
  • Accelerated stability.
  • Comparative stability.

Elemental Analysis

It is vital to demonstrate compliance to the USP <232> elemental impurities specified levels where impurities such as Pb, Hg, As and Cd are known to be present or could potentially be introduced during manufacture via raw materials, reagents or processing equipment. These levels can in certain cases, be extremely low.

We offer elemental impurity analysis services according to USP General Chapter <232> and USP Chapter <233> using the technology of inductively coupled–mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) to perform elemental impurity testing in accordance with pharmacopoeia procedures.


Residual solvent testing

We provide expert determination and identification of residual solvents in pharmaceutical articles according to chapter<467>, helping customers ensure that residual solvents within the acceptable levels in drug products, drug substances and excipients.

Our lab supported with GC –FID and GC MS-MS that can provide you with result in appropriate time frame and excellence accuracy and precision.

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