Saudi Ajal specialized in pharmaceutical R&D. We have developed more than 15 pharmaceutical products for a number of global companies. In addition, we have the first private center to conduct BA / BE studies in the GCC with two clinical units and 74 medical beds.

Clinical trials & BA/BE Studies

offers a full range of clinical research services on all phases of clinical trials for innovative pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical devices’ companies. Our integrated services cover a wide range of activities from protocol development and site identification to completion of study reports.

In partnership with Acdima, Saudi Ajal conducts quality bioavailability, bioequivalence, safety and tolerability studies both efficiently and economically at a Good Clinical Practice (GCP) / Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) compliant center in Riyadh.

Pharma & Cosmetics Analysis

Located in Riyadh, our state-of-the-art pharmaceutical laboratories provide physical and chemical analytical services for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products for the purpose of product release, regulatoryr equirements, and third-party arbitration.


These include:

  • Impurity profiling
  • Stability indicating method
  • development andanalyticalmethod validation.
  • Stability protocol preparation
  • Stability testing and monitoring
  • Assigning shelf life
  • Pharmaceutical and QC testing
  • In-vitro drug release and comparative dissolution profile testing