Genetic testing is a medical laboratory test that examines your genes. Genes are DNA instructions that we all inherit from our parents. Different“ mistakes” in our genes, called mutations, can cause different diseases. Some of these diseases are rare, like cystic fibrosis or Huntington’s disease; others are common, like cancer. Genetic tests can be used to confirm the diagnosis or give you information about possible development of a disease.

Why and when you might considergenetic testing?

  • When you or your family members havesymptoms with a suspicionfor a genetic condition.
  • When you have afamily historyof a disease.
  • When you might haveincreased riskfor development of a disease.
  • When you mightpass on the genetic disease(mutation) to your offspring.

Our partner Centogene, headquartered in Germany, isspecialized in rare diseases and focuses on transforming clinical, genetic, and biochemical data into medical solutions for patients. Through Centogene’s services, we offer accessto genetic testing of more than 6,500 genes, specifically designed to confirm or exclude a diagnosis of almost anyknown genetic disorder.

An accurate and rapid genetic diagnosis can prevent a long diagnostic journey of several years and many unnecessary tests.

Over the last few years, our partners have developed hundreds of new genetic tests and have analyzed thousands of patient samples from all over the world. These high standards of specialized medical expertise enable us to provide reliable result interpretations for you and your family.

We offer you the most advanced genetic testing technologies. Our renowned medical experts and scientific advisory board ensure that your genetic test results are comprehensively analyzed and translated into a clinically useful report.

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