Founded in 2009 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Ajal provides innovative product testing, inspection, support, and clinical research services.

Through our Laboratory and collaboration with specialized international companies and laboratories, we offer our wide range of services to food providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and governmental agencies.

Today, Saudi Ajal has three main divisions: Food Testing (quality and safety), Pharmaceutical Services, and Genetic Diagnostic.


يبدأ مستقبل المجتمعات وازدهارها بنمط حياة جيد، ويرتبط هذا مباشرة بجودة وسلامة المنتجات المقدمة للمستهلكين، وقد تأسست مختبرات سعودي اجال في 2009 لتقدم خدمات مبتكرة لفحص واختبار المنتجات والتأكد من سلامتها وموثوقيتها، والكشف عن المنتجات الغذائية ببلد المنشأ وقبل وصولها للمملكة، وكذلك تقييم الموردين وتحليل المخاطر وفق برنامج يصمم خصيصاً للعميل، ونعمل بجد مع شركائنا توافقاً مع رؤية المملكة 2030 للوصول الى جعل مملكتنا الغالية أفضل وجهة للعيش للمواطنين والمقيمين.

ومن خلال مختبراتنا وتعاوننا مع الشركات والمختبرات الدولية المتخصصة ، نقدم مجموعة واسعة من الخدمات للشركات الغذائية والدوائية والجهات المعنية بالثروة الحيوانية والهيئات الحكومية.

اليوم لدى سعودي آجال أربع مختبرات رئيسية: مختبر الغذاء، المختبرات الصيدلانية، والتشخيص الوراثي، والمختبر البيطري.

A Journey of Progress

  • Our Progress
About progress2
In 2013 Saudi Ajal

obtained SFDA accreditation for clinical trials provided to national and international companies.

In 2015 Saudi Ajal

partnered with Eurofins, one of the world’s leading laboratory testing companies with a portfolio of more than 200,000 validated analytical methods and more than 400 million tests performed every year

In 2016 Saudi Ajal

obtained SFDA accreditation for BA/BE
and pharmaceutical analysis laboratories.

In 2017 Saudi Ajal
established the food lab and obtainedGCC accreditation for BE/BA centre.
In 2018 Saudi Ajal

obtained ISO 17025 from GCC Accreditation Center for food testing.

In 2019 Saudi Ajal

obtained ISO 17025 from Saudi Accreditation Committee for food testing.


Our Vision

To become the most authentic, accurate, and reliable food testing and quality assurance services provider, working closely with our partners so the goals of Quality of Life Program 2030 can be achieved to get better life for the consumers.


Our Mission

To contribute to a safer and healthier world, we leverage our expertise, trans-formative technology, and innovative capabilities, providing our customers with the highest quality of laboratory and advisory services with accurate results that exceed their expectations and earn their trust.


Our Purpose

We believe that safe food means safe living,  and that together, we can shape the future by building a better life.

About vission

Accreditations & Licenses

Saudi Ajal laboratories are in compliance with GLP principles.
Saudi Ajal SOPs were developed in collaboration with the best consultancy companies.

Saudi Ajal is the first private center to conduct BA/BE studies in the GCC.


Saudi Ajal is licensed by the:

  • Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA)
  • The Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture (MEWA)
  • The Ministry of health (MOH) Saudi

Ajal is accredited by the:

  • The Gulf Health Council (GCC)
  • GCC Accreditation Center (GAC)
  • Saudi Accreditation Committee (SAC)

Our Goals and Values

Saudi Ajal laboratories are well-established with proven capabilities and an extensive network.

Our philosophy entails working with passion,staying aligned with the growing and fast-changing market needs, and ensuring the usage of the latest technologies and precise data to provide accurate results that guarantee the highest quality in food and product safety,

in addition to driving pharmaceutical development and supporting advanced health services.

Our Operations and Relations are founded on the following Values:


Customer focus & Partnership

Ensuring customer satisfaction and mutual trust by listening to them and exceeding their expectations, providing services and innovative solutions that help them achieve their goals an dearn the trust of their consumers.


Integrity & Responsibility

Conducting all our business and financial activities ethically and honestly, upholding respect among team members and in dealing with our customers, and ensuring operational responsibility by adhering to environmental policies.


Expertise & Quality

Few testing laboratories can match our level of expertise. This is because we only rely on the best specialists and experts in the field, using the best technology and methods to provide accurate results on time and, in turn, build long lasting partnerships.


Innovation & Excellence

We work with our customers to find innovative new solutions and technologies that ensure the highest standards of protection for their end consumers, setting new standards of quality excellence.



Diversity among consumers is based on a variety of factors including demographics and socio-economic status. The relationship between consumer attitude, knowledge, and behavior indicates that there’s a need for professional assistance regarding food safety, highlighting its importance in daily living, and of course, trust is the core of food safety services.

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